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Attention Tubac Historical Society Members!!

The Historical Society is sponsoring

Oral History Workshop
Saturday, June 4
10:00 AM - Noon.

It will be held in the Tubac Community Center,
Large Meeting Room,

L earn how to capture the “Living Voices” of historically important people and their uncommon stories in this two hour workshop.

The Sierra Vista Henry F. Hauser Museum curator, Nancy Krieski, will be doing the presentation.

Several of our Board members attended this workshop in Sierra Vista in January and found it very enlightening and educational.

Handouts will be provided so you can continue this effort for your own family or for the Historical Society (or both)!

If you are interested,
please RSVP by June 3

by calling 520-398-2020 or info@ths-tubac.org



THS Mission

The Tubac Historical Society's mission is to provide leadership in promoting an understanding of local and southwest regional history through collecting, preserving, exhibiting, interpreting and disseminating that history to its membership as well as the general public.  This mission is supported through public educational programs, maintenance of collections, promoting preservation of historic sites and buildings and by partnering with other appropriate local and regional institutions.

Our Vision

THS will be a broad based institution that:

  • Fosters  an appreciation of the importance of historical materials and provides leadership in their preservation and public accessibility
  • Encourages high standards in the research, documentation, preservation and interpretation of historical materials
  • Supports the application of historical knowledge so as to enrich public understanding of  our community

View the Wingfield Virtual Exhibit here.

Tubac's 5 Cultures 
Hohokam:  (300 B.C.) 
Tohoho O'odham, (Pima):  (400 A.D.) 
Spanish:  Missionaries begin trading with the Pima as early as 1645, Eventually leading to the establishment of the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac in 1752 
Mexican:  Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821 bringing Tubac under the flag of Mexico. 
American:  In 1853, with the Gadsden Purchase, Tubac becomes part of the United States. 

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