The Wingfield Collection : Artifacts
Jar, clay, large; broken in two pieces and reassembled; single handle broken off and section of rim where handle would have attached is missing; thicker walled vessel; rounded base, bulbous shape, tapered inward with flared rim; darker brown clay with blackened areas.

Archaeologist Jeremy Moss: Prehistoric; Hohokam. One handle, broken at rim. Micaceous. Not as polished as the other jars. Flared with more angle. Rim polished. Thicker than the others. Exterior fire clouds; bottom more soil stained than the top; root pattern suggests long burial. Thickness suggests Post Hohokam. Similar to repatriated jar D which was used for cremation.

Single coil rim is bulbuar. Taken to Desert Archaeologists of Tucson.

Dr. Lyle Stone: Plainware
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Hohokam Clay JarHohokam Clay Jar