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Projectile point on left: grey on one side, pink on the other; unbroken; finely made; three points, notches. Archaeologist Jeremy Moss: Grey chert; concave base and two side notches; similar to Pueblo, NM projectile points (1100-1200 AD). Northern Side-Notched Cluster (general type). Specific type probably Ventana Side-Notched. This is the most widely recognized type of side-notched point. It occurs from the Great Basin to the SW. Date range: 3500-1800 B.C. (Late Archaic). "Good point". Dr. Lyle Stone: Basal notched.

Projectile point on right: one tip broken; opaque white on one side, the other side is more tan; finely worked. Archaeologist Jeremy Moss: Chert projectile point; "Cienega Point" (Cienega Valley drainage of the Santa Cruz River). Date range: 100 B.C. to 800 A.D. (Agricultural
Period) "Good point". Made from a flake; we can see the ventral surface (inside) of the flake. One side was flaked; the other not.

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